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Meet Our Ottawa Dental Team

At Ottawa Dentistry, our team of dental professionals strives to make every visit to our dental clinic a positive experience.

Dental Hygienists

Gina <span>Hygiene Coordinator </span> #1

Gina Hygiene Coordinator

Michelle Dental Hygienist

Kim Dental Hygienist

Jeminha <span>Dental Hygienist</span> #1

Jeminha Dental Hygienist

Mozna <span>Dental Hygienist</span> #1

Mozna Dental Hygienist

Penny Dental Hygienist

Dental Assistants

Alisha <span>Dental Assistant</span> #1

Alicia Dental Assistant

Sam Dental Assistant

Danielle <span>Dental Assistant</span> #1

Danielle Dental Assistant

Ayat Dental Assistant

Hoai Dental Assistant


Taylor <span>Sterilizer</span> #1

Taylor Sterilizer


Sierra Administrator

Claudine Administrator

Malko <span>Administrator</span> #1

Malko Administrator

Noelle <span>Administrator</span> #1

Noelle Administrator


Marleine Manager

New Patients Are Always Welcome

We're always happy to welcome new patients to our practice...and look forward to meeting you! 

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